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An expedition musky and earthy tones will have you trekking across the grasslands in search of your quarry. The scent of dry grass fills the air, punctuated by deep aroma of tree resin and earth. What quarry do you seek? An elusive beast, a marauding band of gnolls, or some lost secret?

Key Feature include:

• Candle is made from 100% soy wax grown in the USA
• Made with non-toxic and phthalate free fragrance oils
• Poured by hand in small batches
• Inspired by tabletop role-playing games
• A perfect gift for the fantasy lover in your life
• Available in 6 oz and 1.5 oz tins (by weight) and 2.5 oz wax melts
• Burns for 25-35 hours and 5-10 hours respectively.

You are woken to the startling cry of your expedition guide. The porter who was on watch is nowhere to be seen and many of your supplies are missing. As the guide is taking stock of what remains of your supplies you hear a faint horn blow in the distance. A faint rumbling sound grows louder and the guide screams for everyone to forget the gear and run. Rushing through the tall grass you scramble atop an outcropping of rock and turn to see a large dust cloud forming in the distance as a wild stampede is heading your way!

Something has startled this herd of animals and sent them running. What do you do?

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