Sacred Temple

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A ritual of golden tea, and ancient incense will leave you meditating amidst a sand garden at this sacred temple. Peace and contemplation can be found for all who seek it here. What wisdom do you seek from the sages and monks that caretake this sanctuary.

Key Feature include:

• Candle is made from 100% soy wax grown in the USA
• Made with non-toxic and phthalate free fragrance oils
• Poured by hand in small batches
• Inspired by tabletop role-playing games
• A perfect gift for the fantasy lover in your life
• Available in 6 oz and 1.5 oz tins (by weight) and 2.5 oz wax melts
• Burns for 25-35 hours and 5-10 hours respectively.

As you walk quietly through this temple all that can be heard is the sound of quill on parchment as several monks make copies of old musty tomes and manuscripts. A few individuals sit in silent prayer surrounded by lit candles and censers of smoking incense, the smoky scent of which clings to the aging wooden columns and floorboards. A young adept happens by and offers you a small cup of tea. The faintly sweet and herbal aroma fills you with a sense of calm.

Suddenly, a shabby looking traveler bursts into the chapel demanding access to the archives. Several monks scramble to approach the individual but they continue to push past them in search of the scriptorium. What to you do?

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