Druid Grove

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The natural harmony of moonflower nectar and warding mists will transport you to a field of fireflies and lovingly tended trees. The air is filled with birdsong and sweet floral notes. An old bear approaches from the undergrowth, what do you do?

Key Feature include:

• Candle is made from 100% soy wax grown in the USA
• Made with non-toxic and phthalate free fragrance oils
• Poured by hand in small batches
• Inspired by tabletop role-playing games
• A perfect gift for the fantasy lover in your life
• Available in 6 oz and 1.5 oz tins (by weight) and 2.5 oz wax melts
• Burns for 25-35 hours and 5-10 hours respectively.

The old druid carefully prunes away wilting leaves from a flower bush to help bring about new growth, the motion for you fill a bucket with water from the nearby pond. The pleasant chirping of birds can be heard from the trees above while the rustling of squirrels and deer comes from the underbrush. The burbling of the small brook that feeds the frog pond is rhythmic and soothing. The aroma of various flowers blends sweetly in the air leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

As you crouch down to fill the bucket at the pond and large shadow passes over you and you notice a reflection of something large moving quickly in the sky. The sounds of birds taking wing and other wildlife scattering startles you as you stand up quickly. You turn and the old druid is nowhere to be seen. Looking to the sky you see the massive shape of something approaching quickly, what do you do?

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