Arcane Library

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This arcane blend of leather-bound tomes and ancient scrolls will take you away to wizard's tower. Studying in their personal library and toiling away in their arcane workshop, the archmagi is on the verge of an exciting, magical discovery. What could it be?

Key Features include:

• Candle is made from 100% soy wax grown in the USA
• Poured by hand in small batches
• Inspired by tabletop role-playing games
• A perfect gift for the fantasy lover in your life
• Available in 6 oz and 1.5 oz tins (by weight)
• Burns for 25-35 hours and 5-10 hours respectively.

The wizard's apprentice leads you up the narrow spiral staircase of their master's rickety old tower. The tower creaks in the wind making you wonder how it's even still standing. The air is musty from mildew as the few tapestries that cling to walls molder away. Upon reaching the landing you find an immaculate looking door that appears extremely out of place from the rest of the dilapidated tower. The apprentice bids you to enter.

Opening the door, you see an immense room, impossibly large given what the tower looked like from the outside. Twenty foot high bookcases crammed with tomes line the walls and the center of the space is crowded with all manner of desks and workbenches, each seemingly with its own purpose. The musty air is replaced with the aroma of fresh parchment and oaken shelves. The sound of the creaking tower is replaced by bubbling alchemical equipment and magical servants. The archmage has a delivery they want you to make, but what could it be and why can't they simply teleport to the destination themselves?

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